At Spartan Services, our success in land development has come from our discriminate investing practices. We follow specific criteria that have proven through out our 28 years to reduce risk, provide less volatility and return a greater percentage than most traditional investment vehicles.

Invest only in proven areas - Being pioneers can be exciting but in the world of investing it can also be risky and costly. Spartan Services only invests in locations that have been identified through our experience, expertise and economic research to have a better than average chance of being successful. Currently, Spartan Services has identified and is concentrating on two such regions in the Greater Houston Area - the Woodlands and Katy.

Identified Goal - Every project is approached with a specific return on investment in mind, a minimum of 20% in most cases. Knowing this from the beginning allows us to be diligent in our selection of the optimal property and type of builder ensuring a successful project.

Quick Turnaround - Unlike most land investments, Spartan Services aids in the land appreciation process through sophisticated land improvement. Rather than wait for an undeveloped land parcel to increase in value we work with planners, engineers, contractors and builders to properly bring in utilities, develop streets, supply drainage, put up fencing and construct buildings in order to increase the overall value of the property. All of this is done within a specified time period, one year from land purchase to project completion in most cases.

Right Builders for Right Developments - We identify and choose the right builders, from a select group of proven builders, which can produce the ideal quality buildings at the ideal price in order satisfy the socio-economic climate of the area or region. This lowers the risk of sites remaining undeveloped and compresses the time to project completion.

Limited amount of builders - Spartan Services also limits the number of builders to 2 to 3 involved in any one given project. This provides product variety and competitive pricing, helps minimize confusion, costs and delays and increases management efficiency.

Limited Partnerships - Each project is set up on a Limited Liability Partnership on a project basis that last only from project inception to completion. As an investor, this allows your risk or liability on the project to never increase beyond the amount of what has been invested.

Limited amount of local investors - Spartan Services only allows for a small group, normally 3 to 5, of mostly local investors to participate in any given project. Furthermore, the investors selected must meet a specified minimum of truly disposable funds and the willingness to fully commit these funds to the project for the duration of the project, a minimum of 1 year in most cases. Keeping with these standards reduces the risk of the project not being completed, ensures available funds for the life of the project and maximizes the projects chances for success.

Because of these specific criteria, the Spartan Services project investor benefits from truly personalized investing; from the ability to review project progress at any given time to arranging for specific payout terms over the life of the project.